Questionnaire of «INTERLAKOKRASKA-2017» participants

Expocentre JSC is eager to increase quality and quantity of visitors in INTERLAKOKRASKA-2017, which is going to be held on the 28th of February - the 3rd of March in Moscow.

We are kindly asking you to answer in this short questionnaire which helps us to create the convenient filter of companies in and more accurate sample frames for direct marketing campaigns of potential visitors.
5 questions and 5 minutes of your time!

Name of the company*:
1. Products/services of which exhibition sectors is your company going to present? (multiple choice)*:
Chemical and petrochemical raw materials, semi-finished products and auxiliary materials
Finished products
Equipment, machinery, laboratory facilities
New technologies and R&D
Packaging and pre-packaging
Environment protection
Surface Treatment and Antirust Protection Salon
Special Coatings Salon
2. If your company deals with services, please, point out which spheres?:
Engineering, automation
Education, consulting
Transportation, storage
Information support (science and technology literature, information and reference publications, databases, etc.)
3. What industries does your company manufacture products/deliver services mainly for? (multiple choice)*:
Aircraft and rocket engineering
Car manufacture and repair
Chemical and petrochemical industry
Construction and building renovation
Defence industry
Machine building
Oil and gas industry
Paint and coatings production
Railway rolling stock manufacturing
Shipbuilding and repair
Woodworking and furniture manufacturing
4. What is your company’s type?*:
Trading company
Production and trading company
Design and engineering company
Research and science company
Service company
Mass media
5. Products/services of what countries is your company going to present at the exhibition? (Point out 1-3 main countries).*:

Thank you for your answers!

Best regards,
Exhibition team of INTERLAKOKRASKA


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