Expocentre AO is eager to increase quality and quantity of visitors in INTERLAKOKRASKA-2021, which is going to be held in March 2 5 in Moscow.

We are kindly asking you to answer this short questionnaire which helps us to create more accurate sample frames for direct marketing campaigns of potential visitors.

Raw and auxiliary materials
Machinery, equipment and instruments
Finished products
International Salon of Surface Treatment
International Salon of Antirust Protection
International Salon of Special Coatings
Aircraft engineering and aerospace industry
Automotive industry and repair
Railway rolling stock manufacturing
Woodworking industry
Road construction
Housing and utility infrastructure
Paint and coatings industry
Machine building
Furniture production
Metal-working manufacturing
Bridge construction
Oil and gas industry
Transportation and storage
Food industry
Professional equipment industry
Machine-tool industry
Construction, architecture and building renovation
Shipbuilding and repair
Agricultural machine building
Chemical and petrochemical industry
Pulp and paper industry
Power industry
Trading company
Production and trading company
Service company
Design and engineering company
R&D company
Education organization
Mass media