Tatiana Nikolaeva, General Director of ORGCHIMPROM, PhD in Chemistry:

- Our company celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and we have been present at Interlakokraska practically since the beginning of the exhibition. The industry has undergone considerable changes over the years, but the activity of our manufacturers is invariably astounding. There are always a lot of them at the show. We get positive mood from the exhibition, get new contacts. The organisers of the exhibition do a great job: they unite us all, provide us with information and help us to be successful.

Yulia Komarova, Department Head at RUSAL:

- Every year we take part in the Interlakokraska exhibition. It gives us the opportunity to meet potential and current partners and exchange experiences. We expect high results from the exhibition - plus 20-30% to current sales. At the exhibition we have the opportunity to conclude contracts and work with clients on a long-term basis.

Oksana Kositsina, General Director of ALLNEX:

- The exhibition is very dynamic, even more dynamic, I think, than in previous years. Many customers are happy to see us, to see that we continue to work in the Russian Federation. We have already been able to negotiate with new customers for the supply of our new product, acrylic resins.

Alexander Tsyganok, Head of CONFERUM's Commercial Department:

- We have been exhibiting at Interlakokraska since 2011. What is interesting about the format of the exhibition? There is live communication between professionals. As a rule, heads of enterprises and technologists come here. We establish contacts with representatives of companies, and after each exhibition our list of counterparties increases and the list of regions in which we operate expands.

Imran Askernia, Sales Manager at RAVAGO CHEMICALS:

- We are glad that the Interlakokraska exhibition kept its name - exactly Inter! We met partners from China, Iran, Turkiye, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus. The result is remarkable. Every exhibition day is awesome: no time for tea. People come: there is always something to tell, something to show, perhaps something to learn. Interlakokraska remains a forum of friends, like-minded people, and partners. Naturally, we will be exhibiting next year as well. Come and visit our stand, we will always have something to surprise you.

Daniil Altunin, Commercial Director of Industrial Service Technologies:

- This year we took part in Interlakokraska for the first time. And on the very first day it was clear that the decision to participate was one hundred percent justified for us. The company's profile is paint spraying booths, drying rooms and preparation rooms for production. We had already received several enquiries about our products, scheduled meetings and sent these enquiries for evaluation. There is no doubt that this exhibition is industry specific for us.

Natalia Surenskaya, Deputy Executive Director for Commercial Affairs at RIF Group:

- This year's show is wonderful. It is emotional, beautiful and warm. I really like the Interlakokraska exhibition. I have been exhibiting there for the eighteenth year. Manufacturing companies come to the exhibition from all over the country. There are a lot of equipment suppliers, raw material suppliers, paint buyers. We gather a considerable number of visitors during several days. The record is up to 180 meetings in three days. It is the most relevant exhibition in our industry today.

Anna Alshevskaya, Representative of PEKA CHEMIE:

- We are happy to be here again. This is not the first year we have taken part, and it has had a very positive effect on our company's image. We opened our Moscow office after last year's show. This year the exhibition is more active than ever. We just don't have a minute to go for a walk - we meet our potential clients, the stand is always busy. The number of visitors is definitely higher than last year, which is great - it's a great chance to find colleagues, to present goods and products and to get acquainted with suppliers from different countries. There are many representatives from abroad, which is good, because we cooperate with all of them.

Ivan Tselev, Director of TRANPACK:

This is the first time our company is taking part in the exhibition. We get a very important experience: a lot of partners we get to know and start working with, as well as clients. The exhibition is very good. The second day has been fruitful - we have signed contracts, which justified our participation in the exhibition. We will participate in Interlakokraska and fight for our clients.

Ivan Gorbunov, Head of Sales of TECSA laboratory equipment:

- TECSA has been a perennial exhibitor at Interlakokraska for decades. This year's exhibition saw a huge number of visitors, a large number of exhibitors, stands and a dense saturation of stands with equipment. We have prepared a diverse range of technological equipment - laboratory, technological, pumping and filtering, tinting systems and machines. We would like to thank the organisers of the exhibition. You give us the opportunity to introduce our partners and customers to the equipment we supply in person, which creates a huge number of opportunities and improves the results of our work.