Product Sectors

  1. Raw and auxiliary materials
    1. Raw and auxiliary materials for paints and coatings production
      Resins, binders, pigments, fillers, solvents, doping agents, hardeners, driers, components for resins, polymers, monomers, plasticizers, functional additives, etc.
    2. Adhesives Raw Materials
    3. Materials for surface treatment
  2. Equipment, machinery and appliances
    1. Equipment for paints and coatings production
      1. Shredders and mixers
      2. Dissolving equipment
      3. Dispersing equipment
      4. Conveying systems
      5. Coolers
    2. Surface treatment equipment
    3. Application equipment for painting and coating
    4. Driers
    5. Feeding equipment
    6. Cleaning equipment
    7. Screening machines
    8. Purifying and waste-processing equipment
    9. Tinting equipment
    10. Labelling machines
    11. Testing equipment
    12. Laboratory equipment
    13. Auxiliary equipment and appliances
  3. Finished products
    1. Powder coatings
    2. Special-purpose paints and coatings
    3. Anti-corrosion and protective coatings
    4. Industrial paints and coatings
    5. Building paints and coatings (indoor and outdoor)
    6. Wood-protecting paints and coatings
    7. Car paints and coatings
    8. Paints and coatings for shipbuilding
    9. Paints and coatings for road surfaces, bridges and tunnels
    10. Silicate inorganic coatings
    11. Adhesives and sealants
    12. Bio-based coatings
    13. Other kinds of paints and coatings
  4. New technologies and R&D
  5. Packaging and pre-packaging
  6. Environmental protection and work safety
  7. Services for paints and coatings industry and related industrial sectors
    1. Laboratory service
    2. Logistics
    3. Engineering, automation and plant design
    4. Assembling, operation and maintaince services
    5. Licensing, certication
    6. Education, consulting
    7. Information support
    8. E-commerce
    9. Job and career opportunities


  • International Salon of Surface Treatment
  • International Salon of Antirust Protection
    • Equipment and materials for surface pre-treatment and treatment
    • Surface treatment technology
    • Antirust protection
  • International Salon of Special Coatings