Why to attend?

5 reasons to visit the exhibition

1. Restore contacts and make new acquaintances

Nothing can beat connecting with your audience personally. Especially when you are considering entering or widening your market presence. Cold calling and emails are not always enough to reach your audience, whereas meeting someone face-to-face makes a huge difference. Networking is the best way when it comes to promoting your business.

2. Meet several potential partners at one place in a short time

All the market leaders concentrated in one place. Just look around and see what they have to offer.

3. Expand your supplier portfolio and geography

Representatives of domestic and overseas companies available at one place at the same time.

4. Overview of novelties

It is an excellent way to pump up your awareness of what's new on the market.

5. Learn about new trends and directions of the industry development

Event program is always set to update you on latest industry trends

Hit the target!

Main goals of visiting

Visiting the exhibition is efficient

Planning to conclude a contract

Source: visitor questionnaire results in 2023