Chemetall As one of the leading global players we are familiar with Surface Treatment in all its facets. Quality products and services are the prerequisite for our successful business. However, at Chemetall, we know that it takes more than that to be a preferred global supplier.

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The chemical treatment of metal surfaces is our core competence. Like no other company, we focus our worldwide activities on the development and implementation of customized technology and system solutions for Surface Treatment. Our products are developed for cleaning, giving corrosion protection, sealing, improving paint adhesion, and facilitating the forming and treatment of metals. Our globally established product ranges, for example Oxsilan, Gardobond, Ardrox and Naftoseal, are used in the most diverse industry sectors from automotive to aerospace, and have played a leading role in shaping metal treatment.
Good products and quality service is the prerequisite for our successful business. However, we believe that true success lies in a close and partnership-based cooperation with our customers. It is therefore our aim to offer a value added product with top quality processes, on-time deliveries and excellent technical service. With to our vast expertise in a diversified market as well as our understanding of the customers needs and processes, we are in a position to offer you customized solutions.
Chrome - free technologies Gardobond X 4707 and Oxsilan offered by the Chemetall company allow to reach the highest results for corrosion resistance of aluminum materials. Both technologies are certified according to the GSB and Qualicoat standards.
Gardobond X 4707 the eco friendly technology is a chrome free pretreatment process for aluminum substrate. Based on zirconium and titanium components it enhances corrosion protection and maximizes adhesion.
Oxsilan with its technology, Chemetall has successfully realized the revolution in metal pretreatment, as confirmed by many customers. Comparing with phosphating metal pretreatment with Oxsilan is simpler, more economical, and more efficient as well. Silane technology needs fewer treatment baths because the activation and passivation stages are not longer required. Due to a significantly lower pickling attack on the steel in the conversion bath, only a small amount of ferric hydroxide is formed. This can be easily removed from the bath by means of a simple filtration device. As a result, the high costs and production losses associated with descaling phosphate tanks with acid cleaning chemicals as is standard for the zinc phosphating process are not incurred.
Gardobond X 4739 full guaranty ironphosphate and chromate replacement. Low investment, shorter line, energy saving, low consumption, no sludge, multimetal process, it could run with tap water, nanotechnology inorganic process, all these properties make product really state of the art. Manufacturer of colorants for tinting systems. VOC free and multi-compatible colorants, colorants for decorative and Industrial paints, Development of bespoke colorants and color databases.
2648 Rn 7, 06270 Villeneuve Loubet, France
TEL +33 (4) 92-02-61-90
FAX +33 (4) 93-20-94-07

COMEC & DROMONT group www.dromont.comis a leader in dispensing systems, engineering, manufacturing of turnkey plants and machinery in mixing, milling and dispersing for paints and inks production.

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The KYNESIS is a new Technology for dispersion in both water and solvent-borne productions

Born to increase efficiency and speed when making a powder slurry, our revolutionary high speed dispersing technology brings innovation to the rotor-stator-principle.
The continuous in-line dispersion - thanks to its combined effect of different particle reduction - achieved a high shear gradient and a very fine distribution of solid particles (suspensions) and liquids (emulsions).
This innovative system is simple to install and offers an easy integration into the existing process and a large range of applications


  • 60% energy saving compared to a traditional rotor-dynamic pump
  • High flexibility and versatility to cover a wide range of products, viscosities and densities
  • Up to 75/80% of dry components can be run through the machine (or can be added to the liquid part)
  • Easy cleaning of the dispersing chamber with much reduced time for batch changing
  • 90% cleaning agent reduction compared to a traditional disperser
  • Reduced cost of waste recycling-disposal
  • Manufactures in stainless steel AISI 304 highest quality

ETIKA Powder Coatings We, as ETIKA POWDER COATINGS Co., are the manufacturer of high quality "Powder Coatings" (Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester, Polyester, Wood Effect, Powder Coatings)" in Istanbul/TURKEY. We offer the finest combination of quality, economics and compliance to the industrial coating users. Our company has been established with the most modern equipment and with the latest technology. We built a modern, professional R&D and Quality Control Departments with our experienced, specialist and reliable staffs who believes the priority of customer satisfaction. Therefore, our experienced and well educated R&D Departments hard works brought us ISO 9001 Certificate. Also, our all machineries have been imported from Mixaco and Hosokawa /Germany, from Buss and BBA/ Switzerland. We prefer using only high quality raw materials to keep our quality on a high-standard level all the time. We are currently exporting majority of our production to 15 different countries. We are ready to give our best possible service to all customers with our professional team. At the exhibition we will present the new version of the antique, polyester and polyurethane powder coatings.

Pulver Kimya Pulver Kimya being the pioneer in powder coatings manufacturing in Turkey is proud to be the prominent powder coatings supplier in the domestic market since 1988 and in various export market since 1994 with a wide range of high quality products and service. One of our goals is to continuously improve our raw material and technology research abilities to provide new products to the powder coatings industry. Our goal of transforming our company into an international player has given us a strong presence in Middle and East Europe as well a Ex-Soviet Republics. Our goal is to be the leader in these market. Another goal that we pursue to achieve is to make our environmentally sensitive products used by the world and educate the application companies to be more environment sensitive.

SOP INTERNATIONAL has over than 55 year tradition in project design and production in: pretreatment equipment for metal industry, painting and drying equipment for metal industry, powder coating equipment, e-coating systems, transport equipment, equipment for heat energy recovery, waste water and air purification equipment, technological projects and assembly.

CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. (CHTI), established in 1989, is a large specialized producer of titanium dioxide, who was the first ever in China to introduce advanced foreign technology and equipment.
We are customer-demand oriented. We are making unremitting effort to meet high standard, to strive for product excellence, and to add product reliability. In this way, we gain competitiveness; we stand out as an influential producer.
In order to achieve sustainability, we think highly of safe production and environmental protection; we seek superior managerial maneuver; we introduce advanced technology; we collect customer feedback and focus on research and innovation.

KRATA Group; We produce and sale products and raw materials for paint industry: alkyd, alkyd-urethane, alkid-phenol coatings and laquers, pigments, maleic anhydride, acrylic emulsions, flame retardants, special raw materials.

ZHUKOVSKY MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT JSC Manufacture of tin cans for chemical and paintwork products in capacity of 0,35 28 ltr. Varnishing and full-coloured lithography of tin.

û Delivery JOTUN powder coating and pretreatment chemicals Henkel from our warehouse in Moscow and other regions. Delivery powder coating equipment GEMA, automatic and manual coating lines for aluminum and steel parts. Service, spare parts, technology.