February 27 Tuesday

International Coatings Forum

  • Driving force of innovations and trends in the paint and coating market;
  • Monomers derived from Versatic™ Acid;
  • IT for batch technologists;
  • Instead of credits: new ways to finance companies of the real sector;
  • Capabilities of Huntsman to produce protective coatings.


Organized by Russian Coatings Journal, Expocentre AO

Contacts: +7 (499) 272-45-70


Nordkalk Enrich™: a new product of Nordkalk

Speaker: Matti Lammela, Application Manager, Finland

Organized by Nordkalk OOO, Expocentre AO

Review of the Russian market of paints and coatings. Trends and prospects

Organized by NIITEKHIM OAO, Expocentre AO

Paints and Coatings Industry. Trends of the global market of paints and coatings up to 2025 (interpretation is available)

  • Review of key facts influencing the industry
  • Presentation of the current state and global and regional forecasts of the paint and coating industry for the period up to 2025

Speaker: Kristina Balciauskate, Industrial Projects Manager of Euromonitor International

Organized by: Euromonitor International, Expocentre AO

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Round table on the Russian market of paints and coatings: opinions, evaluation, facts


  • Results of the paint and coating market development in Russia;
  • Effective analysis of the market as a tool to increase sales;
  • Evaluation methods of potential of the paint and coating market development and their practical application.

Organized by: the Chem-Courier Information Agency, Expocentre AO

Dromont presentation
Just in time manufacturing

The main drivers of a high profitable paint maker today are:
1) low cost manufacturing processes,
2) high manufacturing flexibility ,
3) quick delivery
The traditional paint manufacturing systems sometimes do not keep pace with these requirements.  The innovative technologies  help, but may require high initial investments if not properly set up. A modular approach shall be used when planning a new Manufacturing line.
Our speech will show examples of high efficiency and low cost manufacturing lines working throughout the world in small, medium and large companies.  Case histories and  reports on payback periods will be supplied to the attendants as well.

Speeker: Mr. Gianluca Galantina Dromont

See more at www.dromont.com


Topic: Specifics of industrial color matching
Speaker: Svetlana Nikitina, Head of the Central Laboratory
February 28 Wednesday

International Coatings Forum

Sessions 4. Pigments and fillers: organic and inorganic, antirust pigments, functional fillers

Organized by Russian Coatings Journal, Expocentre AO

Contacts: +7 (499) 272-45-70



Conference on Safety and Quality of Paints and Coatings

Organized by the Quality Paint Association, Expocentre AO

3rd Competition of Projects of Young Scientists.
Competition for the Best Products

Organized by the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, LKM-Press, Expocentre AO

Annual Meeting of the Centrlack Association of Manufacturers Suppliers and Consumers of Coatings and Paint Raw Materials

Organized by the Centrlack Association, Expocentre AO

Round table on integrated non-destructive testing of coatings quality

  • Standardization of metrological support for coatings quality control
  • Electrosparking control of integrity of protective dielectric coatings
  • State and expansion of application areas
  • Promising practices and devices for thickness control of protective coatings

Organized by Constanta ZAO with participation of RSNTTD – the Russian Society for Non-destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostic, Expocentre AO

March 1 Thursday

Round table on technical regulations and standardization of the paint and coating industry: application and development areas

Organized by the Centrlack Association, Expocentre AO

New functional fillers and pigments
for paints and coatings

Speaker: Aleksandr Petrov, Technical Director of VitaHim Group

Organized by VitaHim OOO with participation of Functional Materials OOO (Saint-Petersburg)

Passivation of galvanized surfaces.
The latest development of Alufinish: Envirox ZOX

Speaker: Evgeniy Pometun

March 2 Friday

Presentation of participants in the Salon for Special Coatings
Topics to be announced


  • Free of charge
  • Only for
    – Exhibitors of Interlakokraska 2018
    – Speakers of other supporting events
  • Seats are limited. Please register in advance.