Enriching the paint and adhesive industry

22 / 02 / 2018

Nordkalks patented ultrafine PCC dispersion product, called Nordkalk Enrich, allows producers to tackle major challenges faced by the industry. With Nordkalk Enrich TiO2 and binder will be partially replaced, contributing to remarkably lower raw material costs without compromising on technical performance in end-products.

The product innovativeness can be attributed to the monodispersed nano-sized particles forming very stable and uniform quality of PCC suspension that creates the ideal conditions for meeting demanding technical prerequisites in wide assortment of applications in paint, coating and adhesive materials.

Solution for growing raw material costs

In the paint and adhesive industries, Nordkalk Enrich creates practical value through substitutions of titanium dioxide and binders contributing:

  • cost-effectiveness
  • technical performance
  • sustainable solution

Nordkalk Enrich offers significant cost savings (515%) through reduced consumption of TiO2 and binders. As a pure, nature-originated product, Nordkalk Enrich is an ecological choice for reaching more stringent environmental goals and advancing sustainable development. Enrich demonstrably improves the properties of paint, such as gloss, wet-scrub and abrasion resistance, fire retardation and adhesion.

Nordkalk will be presenting its revolutionary E-Series products at the Interlakokraska, stand FG015. Come visit us to hear more about our product portfolio! Presentation of Enrich: 28th February at 10-11 am, Forum Pavilion

Further information:

Joonas Hokka
Group Sales Manager, Specialty Products
Nordkalk Corporation
FI-08100 Lohja
Tel (mobile) +358 40 9224413
Matti Lammela
Application Manager, Product Development
Nordkalk Corporation
FI-21600 Pargas
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Tel (mobile) +358 40 648 5661

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