Interlakokraska 2019: experts note upward trend in paints and coatings market

05 / 03 / 2019

A business workshop on Marketability of Russian Paints and Coatings in Russian and Global Markets was held within the supporting program of the Interlakokraska 2019 international exhibition at Expocentre Fairgrounds. It was organised by NIITEKHIM OAO, Russia's biggest association of paintwork material manufacturers Centrlack, and Expocentre AO.

The discussion involved prominent researchers, experts, and heads of domestic enterprises. According to the seminar moderator and Centrlack Association Director, Gennady Averyanov, the goal of the event is to find weak spots in the marketability of Russian paints and coatings and ways of their solution by combined efforts of market majors, research centres, industry associations, and relevant agencies.  

NIITEKHIM senior researcher Lyubov Ilyinykh told the audience about the development of the global market of paints and coatings and current trends. In her words, the global market of paints and coatings keeps growing. Some 44 million tonnes of paints and coatings were made across the globe in 2018, which was 5% more than in 2017. The Asia Pacific region remains the major consumer of paints and coatings; its share in the world consumption amounts 47-48%. Europe, including Russia and Turkey, accounts for 22%, North America for 21%, and South America and other regions for 5% each.

A nationwide poll conducted by NIITEKHIM showed that Russia has about 1,950 companies producing paints and coatings. These include 113 large and medium enterprises, while the rest are small enterprises with the number of employees not exceeding 15 people, according to NIITEKHIM Market and Development Department head Galina Zhigareva.

She emphasized the good pace of the domestic paints and coatings industry's development over the past five years. The output grew 67% over this period, including 2.5% last year, to roughly 120 billion rubles. According to the expert, the industry is actively developing production of innovative goods. Their output increased 20 times over the past five years.

The business workshop participants stated that despite the upward trend in recent years the Russian industry of paints and coatings still had a number of serious problems such as the lack of proper raw material supply and some others.

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