Chemical industry workforce discussed at Interlakokraska 2020

03 / 03 / 2020

Events dedicated to the pressing problem of chemical industry workforce took place within Interlakokraska 2020, which opened at Expocentre Fairgrounds today.

The Vybor HR agency and Expocentre AO arranged consultations for students and young professionals to suggest ways of being competitive on the industry market, skills and competencies that need to be developed, and the right choice of an employment agency.

Vybor General Director Natela Kobulashvili said in her opening remarks that the leading industry show, Interlakokraska 2020, gave a chance of closer acquaintance with market actors and assessment of their workforce needs. She also noted that the Employment Centre operating at the exhibition provided information about vacancies of the exhibitors and allowed applicants to submit their CVs.

The chemical industry is a growing sector, which comprises numerous companies and offers big opportunities to young professionals starting their career, PROekt PRO head Yulia Pass said. She spoke about the situation in the chemical industry and main factors ensuring its intensive development and emergence of new competences. In the opinion of the expert, the biotechnology market, the growing demand for new materials, environmental problems, ageing of the population, and many other aspects offer wide space for activity of young chemists. Lots of new professions are emerging in overlapping technological areas, such as chemistry and communications.

In turn, Moscow Agency for Innovations Deputy General Director Ekaterina Brazhnikova told the audience about products and programmes of the Moscow government aimed to help young professionals and students build their career, think about starting up a business, familiarize themselves with the activity of technological companies, and practice their professional skills.

The situation on the paint and coating industry's labor market was also discussed at a briefing organised by the Russian Chemists Union, the Centrlack Association, the Council for Professional Qualification of the Chemical and Bio-Technological Complex, and Expocentre AO. The discussion involved representatives of leading industry universities, chemical enterprises, and professional unions.

Member of the Russian Chemists Union's Council, Deputy Chairperson of the Council for Professional Qualification of the Chemical and Bio-Technological Complex Maria Ivanova told the audience about the Council's effort to elaborate and implement professional industry standards. She focused on independent assessment of qualifications through the development of a network of specialized centers.

Ms. Ivanova said in conclusion that the demand for paints and coatings was global and wished the students, who were present at the meeting, to evolve into professionals of the promising industry. "We very much want to avoid losing specialists of main vocations of the chemical industry," the expert said.

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