Interlakokraska 2020 hosts debates on paint and coating safety

04 / 03 / 2020

A draft of the EAEU technical regulations "Regarding Safety of Paints and Coatings" has been discussed at a panel arranged by the Centrlack Association and Expocentre AO within the Interlakokraska 2020.

The debates involved representatives of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Eurasian Economic Commission, the CIS Coordination and Information Center for Reconciliation of Regulatory Practices, the Centrlack Association, the Paint Quality Association, and heads of leading paint and coating factories.

"The goal of our discussion is to hear the opinion of industry professionals so that the decisions integrated in the new technical regulations be productive and promote innovative development of the Russian paint and coating industry," panel moderator and head of the Centrlack Association Gennady Averyanov said. He told the audience about how the new technical regulations were being elaborated and which issues were the most disputable.

"The EAEU technical regulations are the main document for paint and coating manufacturers," deputy division head of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade's Department for the Chemical and Technological Industry and Bioengineering Technologies Yury Sychov said. "They give products access to the market, establish quality standards, and regulate Rospotrebnadzor's fight against counterfeit and inferior goods, which are available in high quantities in our stores," he said. In his opinion, the new technical regulations not just streamline the process but also create conditions for the appearance of new production facilities and technologies.

The new technical regulations which, in particular, include the requirements of the European quality control system are due to boost local production, improve the quality of raw materials and products, and promote a bigger share of domestic paints and coatings on the market, the representative of the Ministry of Trade and Industry said.

Rosregistr expert Elena Tarasova presented Rospotrebnazor's stance on the proposed EAEU Technical Regulations and dwelt on the lead content in paints and coatings, which causes profound concern worldwide.

Approaches aimed to limit the lead content in paints, which were suggested by international organisations and applied by various countries, were presented to the audience. In the opinion of Rospotrebnadzor, the lead content must not exceed 0.009% (90 per 1 million) as established by the World Health Organization. For now, the indicator stands at 0.5% in Russia. Ms. Tarasova said she feared that products with a high lead content, which is barred from countries with strict quality and safety requirements, might flood Russia, whose requirements were milder.

The use of lead in paints and coatings was also discussed at a panel organised by the Eco-Soglasie Center.

Experts of the Center, which has an advisory status with the UN, spoke about current trends and prospects of using lead in paints, and told the audience about the activity of international organizations aimed to control and reduce the content of lead in paints and coatings.

The Lead in Paints project developed by the Eco-Soglasie Center together with the International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) and the Russian office of the UN Environment Program was presented at the panel.

The event programme of Interlakokraska 2020 also included a panel on the Russian Market of Paints and Coatings 2020: Results of Previous Years and Growth Potential for the Next Decade. The participants summed up results of the industry's development in 2019 and discussed prospects of the Russian paint and coating market's development in 20202030.

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