Feedback from participants in the Interlakokraska 2022 exhibition

04 / 03 / 2022

Evgeny Onufrienko, Director General of the Russian office of IRCOM-EKT:

This is not the first time we have participated in Interlakokraska. The response has been good. On previous occasions we received a good response from customers. It is an excellent tool for communicating with customers and promoting our equipment. Very qualified management of the companies comes to the exhibition. These people know exactly what they want to get. There's always a great audience here. One of the biggest contracts in our firm's history has been gained at the exhibition. We expect that such clients will continue to appear.

Svetlana Medvedkova, Head of Sales Department at NOVAROLL:

For us, Interlakokraska is a professional, specialised exhibition. Some of our products are used in the production of paints and varnishes. This is the second time we are taking part in the exhibition. This year we are represented in the chemicals business of NOVAROLL Group, which includes our plant. The exhibition is very important for us, as its a unique platform for networking. Its an opportunity to show ourselves, to learn what the market needs. There are a lot of visitors. A positive mood is always good for business development. Here we can talk about development, where we will move forward, and expand our regional presence and assortment. This is great.

Konstantin Maltsev, Head of Sales Department at Aqualit:

This is the first time our chemical company is exhibiting at the Interlakokraska exhibition within the Leningrad region stand. Thanks to the regional centre (business support), we agreed to take part in the trade show because its really important for us. The list of products we produce has expanded. We have new directions. And judging by the way the audience behaves at this exhibition, it is felt that people are looking for some new sales channels, alternative products. It's only been half a day, and we already have some ideas for our activities. In addition, this is a very right marketing move. I can only see the pluses. And many thanks to the organisers: everything is quick, fast and clear. We like it very much.

Elena Sabirova, Head of Marketing Department at Nortex:

Nortex is exhibiting at Interlakokraska for the first time in three years, which is due to the pandemic. And we are very happy to present our stand, our products at the exhibition. During this time we have renewed our product portfolio. We are presenting chemical raw materials for paints and coatings production. We focus on the exhibition as a platform for live communication. Participation in an exhibition is always a good result for us, and it is also a highlight that brings its economic benefits.

Elena Zelentsova, Lead Marketing Manager at ORGCHIMPROM:

ORGCHIMPROM is exhibiting at Interlakokraska for the 25th time and is developing along with it. Today, alongside the company's traditional range of products, we are also presenting new developments. Already on the first day of the show, we can see that it is in demand. We have many meetings with our partners, with whom we have been working for many years, as well as with new ones. We are pleased and look forward to more results.

Marina Kholyavskaya, Lead Specialist of Marketing Department at Lakokraska of Lida (Belarus):

Our enterprise, Lakokraska of Lida, together with our representative office of Belneftekhim-ROS, is taking part in the Interlakokraska exhibition. Interlakokraska gives a great chance to understand how to develop in today's economic conditions, what products to create in order to offer the market analogues of imported ones. It is also a great opportunity to meet your partners, work out new areas of cooperation and get general information about the development of paint and coatings business. The exhibition gives us the opportunity to meet new consumers, not only those coming from different parts of Russia, but also from Mongolia and Kazakhstan. We communicate with them, learn about trends. One can only thank this event for getting us in a positive mood, a direction in the development of our work.

Andrian Nistratov, Director of Paints and Coatings Department at SPEC-TRADE:

Our company includes a rather large group of companies. We are presenting our product group at this exhibition. These are basalt multifunctional fillers. We are very glad that we have been given the opportunity to participate in this exhibition. Interlakokraska promotes wide business networking, creates opportunities for personal contacts and fruitful future interaction with many partners.

Anna Alshevskaya, Representative of BelPeka:

The exhibition is amazing. There are a lot of visitors, people who come up, ask, give information about themselves. There are a lot of enquiries about our products. Many people are interested in our production capabilities. We are happy to be here. And in the future we plan to come here again, because we see prospects for the development of this business, the interest of our partners.

Imran Askerniya, Sales Manager at Revago Chemicals:

This is the fourth year our company has taken part in Interlakokraska. This year we were looking forward to it, hoping it would be great. The first day was not bad. The second day surprised us as usual. We talked to a lot of new people and companies. Positive, working atmosphere. As always everything is great. We liked everything.

Elena Telitsyna, CEO of Palizh:

When it comes to recommending to Russian manufacturers whether or not to take part in exhibitions, I say that, in critical times, it is necessary to exhibit. And Interlakokraska creates a very positive moment for manufacturers. We expected and invited a certain number of people, but twice as many came. Yesterday there was a queue at our stand. The flow of visitors is very varied and geographically diverse. It is not only Moscow and the Russian regions. There were also representatives from the neighbouring countries - Mongolians and Kazakhs.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO