Digest (news catalogue of the Interlakokraska 2024 exhibition for the period 18-24.12.2023)

21 / 12 / 2023

Russian paint and varnish manufacturers: development vectors for 2024 defined

This difficult but generally quite productive year for the industry is coming to an end. Production enterprises and manufacturing companies have largely completed the transition on a new track, taking into account the changed market requirements, and continue to open new paths of development.

In two months we will meet again at the main industry exhibition, where leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers will present the best samples of paint and varnish materials and coatings, raw materials and technologies. Interlakokraska 2024 will gather an unprecedented number of participants in the coming year, so additional halls of Pavilion No.7, which is located next to the main West entrance to the exhibition, have been opened.

In this digest, we will introduce you to our regular participants: Pigment, Aircraft Paint Technologies and ABC Farben.

Pigment is preparing to celebrate its 75th anniversary

Tambov-based paint and varnish manufacturer Pigment AO, our regular exhibitor, is celebrating its 75th anniversary next year, 2024! This event will be timed to coincide with corporate conferences on product areas, as well as celebrations, business and press tours to the company. According to the results of the last year, the company became the winner of the Quality Award of the Russian Government and the Best Industrial Enterprise of the Tambov region. In spring 2024, the company is again waiting for its customers and future partners at the exhibition of the paint and varnish industry.

At the Interlakokraska 2024 exhibition Pigment AO traditionally plans to present products for the paint and varnish industry of the KRATA brand: raw materials (pigments, binding semi-finished varnishes, acrylic dispersions, dispersants, thickeners and siccatives), finished paints and varnishes for construction and industrial purposes.

New products will include high-strength pigments for industrial paints and coatings, a range of pigments for road marking materials, a range of pigments for water pastes, including for facade paints, and phthalocyanine pigments for both general purpose and special applications.

In addition, in response to market demand, the Tambov companys product range includes Akratam AS 02.1M styrene-acrylic dispersion for the manufacture of architectural paints, glossy enamels, interior and exterior paints without the use of coalescent; Akratam A 01.1 pure acrylic dispersion for the production of high quality varnishes and enamels for wood; Akratam AS 08.1 self-crosslinking styrene-acrylic dispersion. The construction industry is showing great interest in new styrene-acrylic dispersions specially developed for elastic waterproofing and modification of cement-containing formulations.

Visitors to the stand of Pigment AO will also get acquainted with a new alkyd binder for organic-based paints and varnishes for the production of fast-drying paintwork materials resistant to water and weak chemical solutions (DTM, base paints, industrial use on metal surfaces), as well as for enamels with decorative hammer effect alkyd-styrene varnish.

In the context of sanctions restrictions, Pigment AO offers various import substitution solutions within its capabilities, including for the paint and varnish industry. For example, in 2023, the company's product portfolio was supplemented with a new range of acrylic dispersions for production of paint and varnish materials for the printing industry, Akradisp. Technical specialists of Pigment AO developed four brands: Akradisp FL1, Akradisp FL2, Akradisp FL3.1 and Akradisp FL3.2. This area of application of acrylic dispersions is a priority for our company. Continuous work is being done to study this segment," said company representative Anna Murugova, Senior Manager of the Marketing Department.

Pigment is confidently moving towards modernisation, with annual investments in product development, production and warehouse modernisation, and labour organisation amounting to about one billion rubles. In 2024-2025, investments will double. In the near future, we plan to expand production of acrylic dispersions, copper phthalocyanine and phthalocyanine blue pigment, a line of coloured pigments and other projects in the field of chemicals for pulp and paper and construction chemicals.

From the Interlakokraska Management

We congratulate our colleagues on the upcoming anniversary of one of the oldest enterprises in the industry and wish them bright prospects and new victories on the production Olympus!

OKVEL TECHNOLOGY and RIF-Micromramor invite you to the joint stand

In the coming year at Interlakokraska, ABC Farben will be presenting the updated flagship product range of OKVEL TECHNOLOGY raw material components and additives for the production of high-quality paint and varnish materials.

The company celebrated its 28th anniversary with several events: it became one of the top four largest paint and varnish manufacturers in Russia and opened three production sites in the Voronezh region and the city of Magnitogorsk. The companys team increased production volume up to 50 thousand tonnes of finished products annually and launched 15 own brands. It won and became a laureate in many competitions: 100 Best Goods of Russia, Best Employer of Russia, Voronezh Quality, and many others. It has also held more than 3,000 masterclasses across Russia and the CIS.

Photo: ABC Farben

In 2022, OKVEL TECHNOLOGY launched a new project for the production of raw material components and additives for sale to other paint and varnish manufacturers, a project that the company is actively developing. The multifunctional additives VEL-05-01 (202, 2021, 302, P19) as well as VEL-05-02 (P19 BK) have proven themselves in both aqueous and organic systems, including those based on epoxies and polyurethanes.

OKVEL TECHNOLOGY multifunctional additives regulate the composition of paintwork materials: they optimise rheological characteristics, improve dispersion of pigments and fillers, ensure product stability during storage and impart various special properties.

OKVEL TECHNOLOGY multifunctional additives: primers, plasters, fillers, interior and decorative paints, wood impregnations and varnishes, sealants and waterproofing materials, adhesives and much more.

At the last exhibition, many people remembered the bright stand presenting the new direction of ABC Farben for the production of raw materials for various industries, such as paint and varnish, construction, woodworking, packaging and pulp and paper. ABC Farbens paint and varnish products are available in every corner of our country, and the team is rightly proud of this.

We are moving forward and next year we want not only to increase our production volume, but also to double the scale of our presence in industry events," said Daria Supruzhnikova, Advertising and PR Manager of ABC Farben. That is why we will present our stand at the Interlakokraska 2024 exhibition together with our friends, RIF-Micromramor. Together we will demonstrate achievements and novelties released this year, together we will create a platform for discussing topical issues of the industry, for expert opinion and discussion of R&D. We invite everyone to our stand FD100 OKVEL TECHNOLOGY and RIF-Micromramor in the Forum pavilion!

APS TM products, We know everything about paint strippers!

Aircraft Paint Technologies (TM APS) is a recognised leader in the production of aerospace strippers in Russia.

We know everything about paint strippers! states Sergey Aleksandrov, Deputy Director General of the company. For more than 15 years our company has been developing and introducing modern compositions for paintwork removal in various industries. At present, the company produces more than 40 types of paint strippers under APS brand: brush strippers, airless strippers, immersion compositions, strippers in the form of aerosol. It allows solving any tasks on removal of modern paintwork from almost any surfaces and from hard-to-reach areas. APS paint strippers allow significantly reducing labour intensity of paintwork removal in comparison with other methods.

When used correctly, these compositions do not damage the surface and are safe for humans and the environment. They are a convenient and qualitative tool for removing paints and always give the expected stable result. The products have all domestic and international certificates.

At the moment we not only summarise the results of the year, but also actively develop new compositions in order to competently respond to the challenges of import substitution, including adhesives, compositions for surface treatment, cleaning and degreasing, mixed solvents, special purpose paint strippers, preventive compositions for surface protection against corrosion, emphasises Sergey Aleksandrov.

At Interlakokraska 2024, samples of a wide range of APS strippers will be presented. New products include an updated stripper for removing car enamels, soft flush for restorers, special purpose immersion compounds, surface treatments, adhesives for various tasks.

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