New acrylic dispersions for paints and coatings from Homa

08 / 02 / 2024
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At the Interlakokraska 2024 exhibition, Homa will present the developments of its own research centre: unique technologies for the paint and varnish, construction, automotive, furniture, woodworking, packaging, pulp and paper industries.

The company has recently launched two new acrylic dispersions: homacryl 106 and homacryl 107. The binder is recommended for use in the production of high-quality paints and varnishes for interior and exterior applications: formulations with high requirements for environmentally friendly application and use, lacquer formulations, wood paints, decorative materials.

The new products are dispersions with core-shell particle morphology, which provides a complex of hardness and elasticity of the polymer film made of these dispersions. The use of such products makes it possible to eliminate coalescence from the paintwork formulation, which allows positioning the coating as environmentally friendly. High pigment capacity and gloss provide consumer properties of the coating of premium level.

Konstantin Shirshin, Deputy Director General for Research and Development at Homa

“Over 25 years of operation, Homa has accumulated significant scientific and technological potential, which has led to intensive development of product areas. The company’s product range includes polymer dispersions, industrial adhesives for furniture, woodworking and packaging, adhesives for flooring, polyurethane systems for automotive and construction industries.

“In 2023, we first came to a wider audience as the Homa R&D Centre, which is the developer of all the products we produce and the technologies for their production. It was the growth of the research centre’s competencies in the development of polymer product technology that led to our entry into the engineering services market. In this regard, the Interlakokraska 2024 exhibition will be an effective presentation platform for us and will give us an opportunity to tell a wide range of industry players about homa Sciense.

Homa: Forum Pavilion, Stand FG045

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