A working mock-up of a supersonic thermo-shock mill to be shown at the PRANS stand

12 / 02 / 2024
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PRANS OOO is a company with proven expertise in surface treatment and galvanising . The technology with the same name PRANS allows for high-quality cleaning, preparation and activation of surfaces for the subsequent application of metal coatings: zinc, aluminium, alumozinc and copper.

The main fundamental difference between the proposed equipment based on the PRANS technology and its analogues is the possibility of high-quality cleaning, preparation and activation of the surface and high-quality application of metal coatings such as zinc, aluminium, alumozinc and copper.
In this case, the work is performed by the same machine with a minimum time interval between surface cleaning and protective coatings application with significantly better environmental and economic parameters.

PRANS plans to demonstrate the following equipment at the stand:

  • P23 with integrated water supply module;
  • PRANS M1.2 with new zinc doser and ergonomic handle;
  • PRANS 5-8-211.08 with a new dosing system (PRANS C1);
  • GTD-5.1;
  • mini-mock-up of STM (supersonic thermo-shock mill).

The operating model of the supersonic thermo-shock mill (STM) will be exhibited for the first time. It is designed for quantitative technical and economic assessment of the processes of grinding various materials by fractions and carrying out mechanical and thermochemical reactions with the materials under study, as well as for the formation of experimentally justified technical specifications for the manufacture of pilot plants to solve a specific technical and economic problem with powder materials.

Features and advantages of the PRANS equipment:

  • availability of personnel training to work on the equipment of PRANS series who do not have higher or specialised technical education;
  • availability of Russian-made set of spare parts, tools and accessories, which guarantees its availability and relatively low cost;
  • possibility of equipment operation in aggressive natural conditions - from +30 to -15 ;
  • surface treatment quickly and qualitatively (up to Sa 3 level according to ISO 8501) due to the jet rocket engine installed in the equipment.

The power of the expiring supersonic jet can be controllably varied from one unit to 150-200 kW, depending on the fuel and air consumption of the supersonic apparatus.

How else do the solutions offered by PRANS stand out? They provide an opportunity to clean and apply anticorrosion coating to metal surfaces with one machine by switching its operation modes with minimisation of time between technological operations. Guaranteed quality of surface treatment in accordance with GOST 9.402 - 2004, Class 1. Application of 10-25 microns zinc protective layer before painting, increasing the service life of paintwork. Galvanising of metal products is performed with quality corresponding to GOST 9.307, GOST 9.304, GOST 9.316.

Specialists will also appreciate the ability to clean, apply ant-corrosive coating, and passivate small metal products quickly and efficiently (up to 25 kg in 5 minutes). In addition, materials of natural and industrial origin with a particle size of up to 1,000 microns (e.g. garnet, nickel slag, copper slag, shot, etc.) and their mixtures can be used as abrasives.

Impressive is also the possibility to implement on the PRANS units the mode of effective waterjet supply (with adjustable level of water supply from units to hundreds of litres per hour), which exceeds the classical waterjet cleaning with water supply pressure of several thousand bars.

No additional primer is required to apply paint or powder materials to the zinc coating. The use of passivating composition allows the appearance of the zinc coating to be effectively preserved. It is also possible to apply polymers.

The quality of the coating is confirmed by accredited laboratories, including MISIS.
The products manufactured by PRANS OOO meet the requirements of TR TS 004/2011 “On the Safety of Low Voltage Equipment”, TR TS 010/2011 “On the Safety of Machinery and Equipment”, TR TS 020/2011 “Electromagnetic Compatibility”, which is confirmed by the Declaration of Conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union and relevant test reports. There is also a certificate of environmental safety.

Vyacheslav Galchenko, Technical Director at PRANS OOO

“First of all, we would like as many companies as possible to know about us. And as a consequence fruitful co-operation. Everyone is welcome at our stand. We plan to demonstrate equipment and samples at our stand, so we expect, of course, those to whom our technology will help to develop and improve their business, both qualitatively and economically. We grow and develop with our partners as we develop customised plants. There are many areas in which the application of our technology is not only relevant, but simply necessary. This is what we want to convey to visitors to our stand.”

PRANS: Pavilion No.7, Hall 2, Stand 7220

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