Interlakokraska 2017: Main Exhibition Platform of Paint and Coating Industry

27 / 02 / 2017

February 28 - March 3, 2017, Forum Pavilion, Expocentre
21st International Exhibition of Raw Materials, Equipment and Technologies for the Paint and Coating Industry and Special Industrial Coatings, Interlakokraska 2017.
Expocentre organizes the show with the support of the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, the Russian Union of Chemists, NIITEKHIM, the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society and Centrlack Association, and under the auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Russian Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Sergey Tsyb:
- Paints and coatings are a broad range of chemical products needed by many industries and in everyday life. Paints and coatings have not only decorative purposes, they protect and extend the service life of products and industrial facilities. The Interlakokraska international exhibition, which originated more than 20 years ago, promotes transparency of the Russian paint and coating industry and all forms of mutually advantageous cooperation.

Interlakokraska 2017 will bring together industry professionals for an exchange of new solutions and technologies. Domestic and foreign specialists will be introduced to new products and latest industry trends and will be able to find new business partners and to conclude profitable contracts.
Russian Chemists Union President Viktor Ivanov:
- This international forum is a traditional meeting point for paint and coating industry specialists; it fosters the implementation of modern equipment, new technologies and materials and the exchange of latest information. I am sure that Interlakokraska 2017 international exhibition will contribute to international cooperation and achievement of tasks faced by the domestic industry, as it did in the previous years.
Facts & Figures

Interlakokraska is the principal Russian forum demonstrating domestic and foreign paint and coating products, raw materials and equipment.
Interlakokraska is certified with labels of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF).

  • Over 200 companies from 25 countries
  • Exhibition space of 3,500 square meters

Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice-President Vladimir Dmitriyev:
The Interlakokraska exhibition has established itself as an efficient exhibition platform, which gives a comprehensive coverage of the current status of the market and major development trends, and has become a meeting point for leading manufacturers and consumers of paint and coating products and suppliers of advanced technologies and equipment. I believe that the exhibition and its event program will make an input in the achievement of primary objectives of the Russian paint and coating industry, such as better quality and broader range of products of domestic enterprises, expansion of the raw material base, and enlargement of their output.
This year’s event will present products of over 200 companies from 25 countries Belgium, Germany, India, Jordan, Spain, Italy, China, Colombia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, the United States, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan. Companies from China will display their products at a collective stand.

The exhibitors include global paint and coating market majors Dow, Omya, Covestro, Kemur Chemicals, Pulver Kimya, Allnex, Exel, Netzsch, Ferro, Meffert, Eisenmann, in addition to new participants: Manali Pigments, NGC, Wiwa, Otson and some others.
There will be such acclaimed Russian companies and enterprises as Sibur, Krata, Polyteg, Orgkhimprom, Koelgamramor, Teksa, Ekolon, Spektr and Novy Dom at the exhibition, too. The exhibition will present its new participants: Zavolzhsky Pigment, Romanovskiye Kraski, Rustox, Solar Trans, Uzdongju Paint Company, Velikye Luki Mechanical Plant, Khimavto, Tekhnomir and Ration.
Interlakokraska 2017 will give an opportunity to assess the current condition of the paint and coating industry by demonstrating the latest paint and coating products, raw materials and equipment.
The area of 3,500 square meters will accommodate a broad range of industrial paints and coatings, finishing materials and equipment, raw materials for every type of paints and coatings, paint and coating production and use equipment, dosing and washing equipment, waste treatment and recycling systems, and lots of other things.
Interlakokraska 2017 Project Head Natalia Skuratova:
- Manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and equipment for the paint and coating industry will be the exhibitors, while most visitors will be paint and coating producers. The exhibition will demonstrate industrial and special paints and coatings. Such exhibition formula is a global trend.

The 11th International Salon for Surface Treatment and Antirust Protection and the 6th International Salon of Surface Coatings with Special Properties dedicated to the most promising areas of the paint and coating industry will be traditionally successful.

Interlakokraska 2017 has been expanded with new important areas, such as services software, engineering, production automation, coaching, consulting, transportation, storage, and online trade. Developers of systemic software and applications for the paint and coating industry will present their innovations improving a number of technological processes.
Exhibitors call Interlakokraska Exhibition topical; and it ranks amongst prestigious events of the paint and coating industry. It is believed to be the principal event of Russia’s paint and coating industry. The show is brief, but it gives access to a great deal of potential clients from all over Russia.

Event program

  • Moscow Paint and Coating Week the program premiere
  • International Coatings Forum the program centerpiece
  • The exhibition features first ever presentations of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds.

The diverse event program will provide strategic information on topical paint and coating market affairs.
The Moscow Paint and Coating Week, a major industry event, will make a premiere in the Interlakokraska event program. The Week will begin with the 2nd international conference titled the Russian industrial paint and coating market, at the Azimuth Moscow Olympic Hotel on February 27. It is organized by the Chem-Courier information analytical agency and supported by Chermours company and Centrlack Association of paint, coating and raw material producers, supplies and consumers.
The other events will be held at Expocentre during the exhibition. The two-day International Coatings Forum organized by the Russian Coatings journal and Expocentre will be the exhibition centerpiece and attract prominent domestic industry experts and paint and coating specialists.
The forum will feature reports on industrial resins by Olin Epoxy, Raduga Sintez. Macromer and INDPOL, industrial dispersal by Pigment and ARKEMA, additives by BIC Chemie, industrial resin ingredients by Hexion, and raw material distribution news by Bang and Bonsomer, Attika and Brenntag.
Color will traditionally be in the spotlight: reports on BASF pigments for RAL, Pigment and Eurocolori color management system have been scheduled.
The possibility to make a difference by joining the debate and submitting one’s ideas to Centrlack Association is a perk of the forum. Association Head Gennady Averyanov will host a roundtable on technical safety regulations of the paint and coating industry.
For the first time ever, the International Salon of Surface Coatings with Special Properties will include a series of presentations by the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds. The reports will address the latest trends in chemistry of coatings with special properties:

  • Coloration technology for textile materials using fluorescent coatings.
  • Modified thiokol compositions and their application as waterproof and protective coatings
  • Preparation conditions and micropatterning characteristics of polymeric coatings
  • Environmentally friendly technology of production of redispersible polymeric powders and materials based on them

State Company Constanta will host a roundtable on comprehensive quality control of protective coatings, and a master class will be held at its stand.
Russian and Indian professional associations will hold a joint meeting at the exhibition’s business center.
In addition, the exhibition’s event program will feature:

  • Conference on Safety and Quality of Paints and Coatings
  • 2nd Competition of Projects of Young Scientists
  • Roundtable of the Chem-Courier Information Agency “The Russian Coatings Market: Going Upward”
  • Annual Meeting of the Centrlack Association of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Consumers of Coatings and Paint Raw Materials

There will be a traditional award ceremony for winners of the 15th Contest, Best Paint and Coating Product 2017.
For more information about the exhibition’s event program visit
The exhibition’s working hours are 10 a.m. till 6 p.m., except for 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. on March 3.

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International Coatings Forum for discussing industry issues

The 21st International Exhibition of Raw Materials, Equipment and Technologies for the Paint and Coating Industry and Special Industrial Coatings, Interlakokraska 2017, has kicked off at Expocentre to present new domestic and foreign paint and coating products, raw materials and equipment. More than 200 companies from 25 countries have put their new products on display on an area of 3,500 square meters.

The Interlakokraska event program traditionally includes the International Coatings Forum organized by the Russian Coatings journal and Expocentre with the support of Centrlack Association.
Forum participants will spend two days discussing pressing problems of the industry and searching for solutions. The paint and coating market has been exhibiting inspiring trends. In the words of Olga Andrutskaya, chief editor of the LKM journal, the growth is not big, around 3%, but it is definitely an achievement, considering the general economic situation in the country. Far from all industries consuming paint and coatings posted growth in 2016. The industry has yet to regain the 2014 pre-crisis level.
Meanwhile, the global paint and coating industry has been witnessing mergers and blending between majors and stricter environmental laws. No doubt, these trends will impact the Russian market. Specialists are predicting fiercer competition and a higher demand for safer products, especially from public catering and service companies.
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