Specialists confer on paint and coating industry perspective

01 / 03 / 2017

The Russian Coating Market: Going Upward roundtable organized by the Chem-Courier information analytical agency took place at Expocentre on the sidelines of the Interlakokraska 2017 exhibition to address the perspective of the paint and coating market growth from every angle.

According to Chem-Courier Development Director Viktoria Chernova, the paint and coating market stabilized in 2016 and demonstrated a 4% year-on-year growth. Yet the demand for paint and coatings remained unchanged, and production growth rates fell below the 2014 level. She presented optimistic and pessimistic scenarios for the paint and coating market. The optimistic scenario envisages a 9% growth of the Russian paint and coating market in 2017, yet the 3% growth looks more likely. Production of all types of paints will increase by 3-7%. Yet only a 5% growth of the paint and coating market can be expected in the period from 2013 till 2020 if negative trends in the Russian economy persist.
Chem-Courier paint and coating editorial office head Yulia Andryushkevich spoke about development trends on the market of decorative and industrial paint and coatings in 2016. She said paint and coating production grew by 3% in the decorative segment and by 8% in the industrial sector.
Paint and coating safety and quality was a subject enthusiastically discussed by industry professionals at todays conference of Paint Quality Association at Expocentre. The specialists noted that consumers were opting for environmentally friendly paint and coatings.
The share of private trademarks has nearly doubled (from 6% to 11%) on the market, Akzo Nobel Dcor Marketing Director Ivan Bovkun said, adding that the trend gave hope for the successful development of the safe paint and coating market.
A program was launched last year to identify producers who comply with Russian norms, Association standards, and other norms and regulations supervised by Roskachestvo. The program will help end users to choose goods, Yaroslavskiye Kraski marketing department head Igor Romanov said. An opinion poll showed that 90% of buyers see safety of paint and coatings as the principal criterion of their choice, he said.

Expocentre Press Service