Interlakokraska 2017 - firsts results

03 / 03 / 2017

Tentative results of the 21st International Exhibition of Raw Materials, Equipment and Technologies for the Paint and Coating Industry and Special Industrial Coatings, Interlakokraska 2017, were presented a meeting with representatives of marketing units of domestic paint and coating plants organized by Centrlack Association and Expocentre.

Given competition against domestic majors on the Russian paint and coating market, domestic enterprises should be proactive if they want to promote their products, Centrlack Association Director Gennady Averyanov said. He described the Interlakokraska industry exhibition as a powerful tool advertising Russian products.
A representative of the Expocentre chemical and technological exhibitions directorate summarized tentative results of the first two days of the show. The organizers noticed a marked growth in registered visitation compared to 2015 and 2016. The visitor turnout set a record since 2010 on the first day of the show. Compared to 2016, the visitor turnout grew by 32% on the first day of the show and by 14% on the second day.
Most visitors are end product manufacturers. There has also been a growth in the turnout of representatives of service and research companies. The status of visitors is also rising the number of executives grew by 38%, and the number of technicians and engineers went up by 27% since the previous year.
Interlakokraska 2017 had visitors from 43 countries on the first two days. This is larger than the visitor turnout posted in the four days of the shows held in 2015 and 2016.
Specialists from the chemical, metal working and car industries demonstrated a traditionally high interest in the exhibition this year. Road construction, aircraft, shipbuilding, construction and renovation, and woodworking companies became more enthusiastic.
The Interlakokraska project gives a broad opportunity to promote services and products of Russian paint and coating industry companies. Participants may announce their products in the new product section of the exhibition website.
It is planned to open special zones for Russian regions and theme mini-stands for small and medium businesses and to offer other tools for the promotion of domestic manufacturers.
Roundtable participants expressed their wishes to the Interlakokraska exhibition organizers and discussed possible areas of the projects development.

Expocentre Press Service