Post Show Report Interlakokraska 2021

16 / 03 / 2021

Interlakokraska has 25 years of history and is rightfully regarded as one of the main events in the paint and coating industry in Russia. Every year, the exhibition attracts the interest of paint and coating manufacturers, as well as representatives of companies working in the construction, chemical, woodworking, furniture, automotive, aircraft, and shipbuilding industries.

Dates: 25 March 2021

Venue: EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Chemists Union, the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, NIITEKHIM OAO, the Centrlack Association, the Quality Paint Association, the Chimvest Scientific and Technical Centre  

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Exhibition space: 12,427 gross sq m

Attendance: 4,660 visits (total number)

Exhibitors: 85 companies (foreign companies were be represented by their Russian partners)

Countries: 9 countries (Belarus, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey)

Participating companies: ABC Farben, Akrilan, Allnex, Afaya, BLL-Engineering, ETS, Interdisp, Koelgamramor, Larchfield, Netzsch Tula, Omya Algol, Promcoat, PHK-M, Rushimset, Sibur, Sintez Cveta,, Tecsa, Tilan, Translack, Ultra NDT, Homa, etc.

Products on display: raw materials, equipment and technology for production of paints and coatings; all types of paints and coatings; cleaning equipment, recycling; etc.

International salons:

  • Surface Treatment

  • Special Coatings

  • Antirust Protection    

Sergey Bednov, Director General, EXPOCENTRE AO

Over 25 years, the exhibition has become the main networking event for the Russian paint and coating industry. Despite the current difficult conditions caused by the pandemic, Interlakokraska has brought together leading manufacturers and suppliers of paints and coatings.

Show highlights

The Employment Centre provided information about current job offers of exhibiting companies, posted CVs, and offered professional career development consultations.

This year, the event programme covered the development of the paint and coating industry. The programme opened with the Workshop on the Analysis of the Current State of Russian Export of Paints and Coatings. Promising Niches for Import Substitution and Export Development

Zhanna Martynova, CEO and founder of VladVneshServis (VVS), Member of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee on Foreign Economic Activities, informed the workshop participants about the dynamics of Russian paint and coating exports, the structure of exports by main product groups, prospects for exports, and issues of paint and coating imports. 

The Panel on Production of Printing Inks in Russia. Development and Competition Issues was organised by the Centrlack Association and EXPOCENTRE AO with support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Federal Customs Service of Russia, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian Chemists Union, and the Federal Agency for Small and Medium Entrepreneurship. 

Director of the Centrlack Association Gennady Averyanov moderated the panel. "Unfortunately, today the Russian printing inks industry is on the verge of extinction. We are trying to save it because we consider it an important area of the paint industry and help those manufacturers who are still making paint and investing in this area, said Mr. Averyanov. 

The first speaker was Yulia Semina from NIITEKHIM OAO with an overview of the printing inks market in Russia. The event was continued by the speech of Viktor Klimko, Director of Gangut AO, the major producer of printing inks. In his presentation he reviewed the issues of development and competition in the industry and drew attention to the most important problems that impede the development of printing inks today. Gennady Manzhosov, Director of the Department for Work with Entrepreneurs' Associations of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was ready to support all proposals of printing inks manufacturers towards cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance. Other participants included Anatoly Karpunin, the owner of Gangut AO, Darya Shevyakina, Head of the Chemical Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Oleg Podobryansky, Deputy General Director of Pigment PAO (Tambov), Tatiana Grechanaya, Commercial Director of Biochem AO, and others.

One of the most important events was the Panel on Competitiveness of Russian Made Paints and Coatings in the Domestic and Foreign Markets. It was organised by NIITEKHIM OAO and EXPOCENTRE AO with support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, the Russian Chemists Union, the Russian Export Center, the Industry Development Fund, the Centrlack Association, and the Quality Paint Association.

The panel was moderated by Galina Zhigareva, Head of the Chemicals and Gas Products Market and Development Department at NIITEKHIM OAO, who opened the event with a presentation on the state of the paint and coating market. The speaker noted that over the last three years the Russian market had seen positive trends of growth in the production and consumption of paints and coatings, and an increase in exports and a decrease in imports. However, there are still a number of issues that need to be addressed to ensure the competitiveness of Russian products, primarily quality issues.

The event was continued by President of the Quality Paint Association Sergey Fedotov. He stressed that solving the problem of product quality is primarily connected with solving the problem of raw material supply to the industry. The current situation with rising prices for raw materials is very worrying, including in terms of ensuring the quality and safety of paint and coating materials. The government support is needed to tackle the problem of supply of raw materials in the paint and coating industry. Nikita Vygolov, Head of the Foreign Economic Integration of the Chemical Industry at NIITEKHIM OAO, spoke in his presentation about enterprises activities on improvement of import substitution. Director of the Centrlack Association Gennady Averyanov joined the discussion to talk about competitive capabilities of the Russian paint and coating industry to substitute imports and exports. Other participants included General Director of Russian Paints OAO Valery Abramov, President of the Russian Chemists Union Viktor Ivanov, expert of the Industry Policy Department at the Industry Development Fund Sergey Lagutin, Director for Export Support in the Chemical Industry of the Russian Export Center Natalia Yakovleva, and others. 

The Conference on Innovations in Anti-corrosion Coatings and Surface Treatment generated a great interest. The event was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO, Market Guide Agency OOO, and the Industrial Coatings journal. The participants discussed the current market trends for anti-corrosion coatings, promising products, new raw materials for anti-corrosion coatings, innovations in surface treatment to improve quality of applied coatings, and inspection of anti-corrosion coatings and corrosion protection design. 

The event programme also included

  • the Workshop on Important Legislative Changes for Small and Medium Businesses in 2021. Legal Advice for Sales Teams, Pitfalls of E-commerce

  • the Forum of the Industry of Dry Mix Mortars and Architectural Coatings

  • business workshops of the Chem-Courier Information Agency devoted to the Russian markets of water dispersions, resins and varnishes

  • an open research conference of students and postgraduates working the paint and coating sector

  • the Masterclass on Instruments for Comprehensive Monitoring of the Properties of Anti-corrosion Protection Coatings by K-M (Konstanta Group)

  • Presentations of exhibitors: Homa, C. H. Erbslöh, the Kazan National Research Technological University, the Emanuel Russian Institute of Biochemical Physics, Functional Materials OOO

The participants in the Masterclass on Painting with the Artline Epoxy Resin learned about the increasingly popular technique of painting with epoxy resin Resin Art, saw the process of creating a painting and created their own work under the guidance of an experienced tutor.

The event programme managed to achieve an effective combination of offline and online participation formats: a number of speakers joined workshops and panels using video conference calls, visitors could watch a video broadcast of the events, but live offline discussions prevailed. In the online format, 1,200 unique viewers watched the programmes events. 

Feedback of the exhibitors and visitors confirm the uniqueness of the event from the perspective of the Russian paint and coating industry. All participants got the most out of the exhibition, held productive talks, concluded profitable contracts, and generated sales leads and new business partners. Many exhibitors expressed a desire to come back next year.

The next 26th edition of the International Exhibition for Paints and Coatings, Interlakokraska 2022, will run at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds on 14 March 2022. 

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