Post- Release: Interlakokraska'2011 International Specialized Exhibition

07 / 03 / 2011

1-4 March 2011, the Forum Pavilion of Expocentre Fairgrounds hosted the 15th Interlakokraska Specialized Exhibition for Paints and Coatings. The exhibition, organized by Expocentre, was held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Moscow City Government.

Interlakokraska'2011, alongside the co-located Tires and Rubber'2011 exhibition and other events, forms part of Expocentre's large series of chemical industry events.

Certified by UFI the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and RUEF the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, the Interlakokraska exhibition is included into Expocentre's set of international chemical exhibitions.

At the opening of Interlakokraska'2011 President of the Russian Union of Chemists Viktor Ivanov pointed out that the event put on display the most awaited achievements of the chemical industry. This year's edition was showcasing the newest products of the paint and coatings industry, and there was a lot for Russian companies to learn as their production satisfied only half of Russia's demand for such products.

Head of the Chemical Industry Section of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Department for Chemical and Bioengineering Irina Sergeyeva remarked in her address to the exhibitors and visitors that paints and coatings formed a high-tech segment of the chemical industry, and they were very important for the development of the Russian economy. And this innovative sector gained particular prominence in connection with the currently devised Development Strategy for the Chemical, and Oil and Gas Industries to 2030.

Ms Sergeyeva also noted that the Russian chemical industry consisted mainly of small- and medium-sized businesses, which reflected the current state of the Russian economy; and she hoped that interaction among the participants in Interlakokraska2011 would enhance the development of the sector.

The exhibition enjoys all possible support from Moscow City Government, despite certain difficulties. Vladimir Novozhilov, Head of the Administrative Office of the Moscow City Government Department for Science and Industrial Policy, wished success to the participants in the event and stated that regular Interlakokraska and Tires and Rubber exhibitions would still be held, building up attendance and exhibition space.

The opening of Interlakokraska'2011 ended with an award ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the show, with memorable gifts presented to the most committed participants in the event.  

This year's show floor of 10,952 sq. m accommodated 204 companies from 18 countries: Belgium, Germany, Egypt, Iran, Italy, China, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Belarus, Russia, the USA, Taiwan, Turkey, the Ukraine, Finland, Czechia and Switzerland. Germany, China and Czechia put on dispaly their national pavilions.

The Interlakokraska'2011 exhibitors included leading foreign companies, taking advantage of the exhibition to promote their products to the Russian market. Among them were Evonik, Dow Chemical, BYK, Eckart, BASF, Bayer, Omya, Oliver y Battle, VMA Getzmann, Cognis, Wilhelm Niemann GmbH & Co. and Eisenmann AG. Russia was represented by 136 major manufacturers including Russian Coatings Corp., Yaroslavl Powder Coatings Plant, Gatchina Powder Coatings Plant, Zhukovsky Engineering Plant, Tver Paint and Coatings Plant and many others.

Interlakokraska'2011 was visited by 7,180 people, 90% of whom were industry specialists. This attests to a growing interest in the paint and coatings industry and in the whole chemical sector.  The total visitor attendance made up 9,310.     

The exhibition highlighted the whole range of paints and coatings. It put on display oil, acrylic, water-based and alkyd paints and coatings; powder materials and coatings; raw materials for all types of paints and coatings; solvents, filler and, additives for manufacturing and applying paint and coatings; as well as tare and packaging; and new technologies and developments.

It was the 5th time that the exhibition hosted the Surface Treatment. Rust Protection Specialized Salon. The key feature of the salon was surface preparation and surface treatment equipment and materials, modern surface treatment and rust-preventing technologies.

The central topics on the programme of business related events were a post-crisis development strategy for the industry and particular development features of the paint and coatings market.

Run as part of the exhibition, the 3rd International Scientific and Technological Congress Paint and Coatings Industry'2011 provided insight into the state and problems of the paint and coatings industry, showcased new paints and coatings and modern raw materials for this sector. The congress was organized by LKM-Press Publishing House OOO in cooperation with Expocentre.

The first congress day 2 March 2011 featured a plenary session Modern Raw Materials; Paints and Coatings, which explored topical industry issues.

The programme of events comprised two specialist conferences: Future Today: New Developments for the Market and Anodizing Aluminum: Technologies and Equipment. International Best Practices.

The programme of events presented a number of conferences and seminars, run by industry leaders and specialist publishers.

Among the central events of the exhibition was the 11th International Competition for the Best Paint and Coating Award'2011, organized by LKM Publishing House OOO in cooperation with Expocentre.

The competition was aimed at selecting the best paints, coatings and raw materials in the Russian market. The key objectives of the competition included rewarding innovative companies and organizations, encouraging further efforts to broaden the range of domestic paints and coatings, attracting public and government attention to the paint and coatings market and promoting the best domestic products.

The competition jury was headed by Vice-President of the Russian Union of Chemists V. V. Semyonov and consisted of industry specialists and scholars. 

The competition started on 1 December 2010, and on 1 March 2011 the competitors demonstrated their entries to the jury at an open session.

The contest was held in the following categories:

  • eco-friendly hypotoxic materials 
  • anti-corrosion materials and complex coatings on their basis
  • high-performance innovative materials
  • special coatings, including fire-retardant solutions, printing ink and artist's colours
  • surface preparation materials
  • powder coatings
  • raw materials for paint and coatings
  • tare and packaging.

14 companies from various Russian regions took part in the contest with 29 entries. It is twice as many as the year before. It's worth noting that regional representation also increased; companies from Central and Volga Federal Districts were - for the first time - joined by exhibitors from Khabarovsk with their modern and very marketable products.

The Nika golden prizes were made to Prodecor 1202 primer enamel (Russian Coatings OAO); special enamels  - AK-5578 phosphorescent and UR-5575 (Spektr LK OAO); heat-resistant anti-rust enamel Tserta (NPP Spektr); BD-DEKSD-AK-P(M) OZ-U fire-retardant paint (Khabarovsk plant of protective and decorative coatings); powder coatings of the Gatchina plants, semi-finished alkyd vanishes by Orgsyntez OAO and Raduga Syntez OOO; Palizh 980 colorant system on the basis of CS980 colourants (Novy Dom OOO), and Silverbond quartz flour (Ramensky GOK). The other entries received second and third prizes.

The 16th Interlakokraska exhibition will be held at Expocentre Fairground on 12-15 March 2012.

Expocentre Press Service