Post- Release: Interlakokraska'2012 International Specialized Exhibition

19 / 03 / 2012

The 16th International Specialized Exhibition for Paints and Coatings Interlakokraska'2012 took place in Pavilion No.1 of Expocentre Fairgrounds between March 12 and 15. This show organized by Expocentre was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the assistance from the Russian Union of Chemists, the Mendeleyev Russian Chemical Society, the Centerlak Association, and under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and the Moscow City Government.

Interlakokraska'2012 has become an influential industry platform for networking, getting useful information on new developments and recent trends in the coatings industry. For its high level of organization as well as influence on the Russian market Interlakokraska has been recognized by UFI the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and RUEF the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.

In his address to the participants and guests at the official opening V.A. Bykov, Chief Administrator for the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, noted that the presence of foreign companies in the exhibition is an incentive for domestic producers, which is extremely important on the eve of our entry into WTO.

Vice-President of the Russian Union of Chemists V.V. Semenov said he hoped that the exhibition would provide an opportunity for regular and new participants to make them properly known and to present their products and technologies in a most advantageous way.

V.V. Lunin, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry at Moscow State University, expressed his concern that the younger generation around the world is loosing its interest in natural sciences. The personnel problem in the domestic paint and varnish industry requires special attention, and the Interlakokraska exhibition is just another opportunity to settle this important matter.

According to Martin Riester, head of the surface treatment of the German Association of Machine Builders - VDMA, Germany takes part at the Interlakokraska exhibition with a national exposition for the fourth time. 12 German companies participating in the exhibition this year and representing production technologies and paint application is a significant step forward in the development of Russian-German economic relations. Business contacts at Interlakokraska'2012 make the German partners have very high expectations.

This year 226 companies and enterprises from 24 countries presented their latest paint achievements on the total area of 10,185 square meters. National expositions were represented by Germany, China and the Czech Republic.

Among the exhibitors one could see world leaders like Bayer, BASF, Du Pont, BYK, Eckart, Oliver y Batlle, Netzsch, Wilhelm Niemann, Fluid Management, Jotun, Eisenmann, Evonik (Degussa), CPS Colour, Omya and others, as well as 119 largest domestic paint and varnish producers, including powder coating the Gatchina plant, Kraski KVIL, Zhukovsky Engineering plant, Yaroslavl factory of powder paints, Institute of LCP with OMZ Victoria, Sibur Holding, Krata industry group, Plant of combiner products, Nettssh Tula and many others.

Among the exhibition debutants: Boysis (Turkey); Petrex-E (Bulgaria); KCI (Korea); Macri Chemicals (Italy); Kanat (Turkey), as well as such Russian companies as Azelis Rus, Adhesive Solutions, Zhuravski ocher factory, Olympic Line, Recon, Diamayda,, TA Start.

Within 4 days of the Interlakokraska'2012 exhibition was attended by 5,710 people, of whom 97% were specialists and industry experts. The total attendance was 9,150.

Interlakokraska'2012 showed the whole variety of paint products: oil, acrylic, water-dispersed, alkyds, powder coatings, coatings with special properties, materials for wood processing, glues, raw materials for all types of coatings, equipment for production of coatings, equipment to apply coatings and color matching, related chemical equipment, new technologies and scientific developments, packaging and packing, etc.

For the sixth time the exhibition became the venue for the International Specialized Salon on Surface Treatment and Antirust Protection which demonstrated the equipment and materials for preparation and treatment surfaces, modern surface treatment technologies and contemporary methods of corrosion protection.

The premire of this year was the International Special Coatings Salon.

The exhibition's rich business program has helped participating companies to find their customers as well as to conclude mutually beneficial contracts, and made the show really useful and interesting.

Among the major events at which current problems and prospects of the paint industry and service sectors were discussed, one would highlight the Conference on Efficient Production of Paint Materials: Raw Materials, Technology, Management; a seminar on the fight against counterfeit goods in the production and application of coatings; and a workshop in innovative solutions for industrial applications by Dow coating materials.

Another important event in the framework of the 16th edition of the Interlakokraska International Specialized Exhibition was the International Competition organized by ANO Soyuzexpertiza, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Expocentre.

According to the results of expert evaluation/testing of samples and distribution activities of the companies the Competition Commission identified the winners and submitted for the awards in the following nominations:

For High Consumer Characteristics of Goods:
The diploma for high consumer characteristics of goods of the 1st degree was awarded to PKF Orghimprom (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod), Plant of protective and decorative coatings (Russia, Khabarovsk), Gatchina plant of powder coatings (Russia, Leningrad Region, Gatchina), New House (Russia, the Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk).

For High Consumer Characteristics of Goods:
The diploma for high consumer characteristics of goods of the 2nd degree was received by Orghimprom (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod), BAYER (Russia, Moscow), Plant of protective and decorative coatings (Russia, Khabarovsk, Gagarin str., 22), Pigment (Russia, Tambov), Soyuzpromplast (Russia, Moscow region, Noginsk).

For High Consumer Characteristics of Goods:
The diploma for high consumer characteristics of goods of the 3rd degree was awarded to Pigment (Russia, Tambov).

For the Successful Promotion of Quality Goods:
The diploma of the 1st degree for the successful promotion of quality goods" was received by Gatchina factory powder coatings (Russia, Leningrad Region, Gatchina).

The next 17th edition of the Interlakokraska Exhibition will take place in Expocentre Fairgrounds between the March 11 and 14, 2013.

Expocentre Press Service