Post Show Report 19th International Specialized Exhibition Interlakokraska 2015

09 / 03 / 2015

From March 3 through 6 Expocentre Fairgrounds hosted the 19th International Specialized Exhibition Interlakokraska 2015. The show was organized by Expocentre and supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade with the assistance of the Russian Chemists Union and Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society. It ran under the auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

On the exhibition area of 3 647 sq m 206 companies from 24 countries put on display their latest technologies and developments in the paints and varnishes industry. Germany, China, and the Czech Republic arranged their national pavilions.

Participants in the trade show were leading foreign companies such as PPG, Bayer, Allnex, Dromont SpA, Eisenmann, Evonik Industries AG, Eurocolori s.r.l., OMYA, Greiff Industrimiljo AB, Ibavalresa Boya Ve Kimya Sanayi Ticaret AS, Micropul Boya Kimya San. Ve Tic. LTD. STI, Nuplex Resins B.V., Peka Chemie Industrial Co., Power Boya Kimya San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., Pulver Kimya San. ve Tic. Ltd. A.Ş., Sistem Teknik Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., Sop-International, VMA-Getzmann GmbH, Larchfield, Fluid Management, Oliver & Batlle, Bang and Bonsomer plus many others.

The Russian paints and varnishes industry was well represented by the following Russian companies 3, Zavod Tarnykh Izdeliy, Euro-Décor, BINA Group, Polychimcomplect-M, Kraftlog, Sibur, Spectr, Polyteg, Polimerkraska, Akrilan, and others.

7 460 professionals visited the Interlakokraska 2015 trade show.

Exhibitors showcased a whole range of paints and varnishes, equipment, and raw materials for all types of paints and varnishes: acrylic, waterborne, alkyd paints and varnishes; powder materials and coatings; special coatings, raw materials for all types of paints and varnishes: solvents, fillers, and additives; equipment for paint, varnish and coating production; application equipment; containers and packaging, and also advanced technology and scientific developments.

The Surface Treatment. Antirust Protection International Specialized Salon provided the industry experts with the information about equipment and materials for surface treatment and pre-treatment; technologies for modern surface treatment, and modern technologies for antirust protection.

The Expocentre for Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions project, aimed to fight the infringements of exclusive rights to IP assets, was an integral part of the Interlakokraska 2015 trade show.

The International Coatings Forum, organized by Russian Coatings Journal and Expocentre ZAO, was an excellent platform to discuss the current situation on the market of paints and varnishes, and raw materials for their production.

The Forum participants were Russian and foreign prominent industry experts and specialists in the Russian market of paints and coatings. Besides technical reports delivered by representatives of foreign companies such as BASF, Dow, NuplexVencorex, Promindsa and Russian companies such as COT, Orgchimprom, and others there were held round tables on Russias Paints and Coatings Market: 2014 Results and Forecast for 2015 (Chem-Courier Agency), Devices and Test Methods for Coatings (Constanta), and the 2nd workshop on Technologies of Effective Management and Companies Development.

German company Nordson Deutschland GmbH held the seminar on Savings and Payback When Operating and Specifying Powder Coating Systems.

The entrlak Association of Producers, Suppliers and Consumers of Paints and Varnishes and Raw Materials for their Production held a general meeting at the trade show.

In the frames of the Special Coatings Salon participating companies gave their presentations, among them Silicone Global Rus, Attika, ProChem, Eigenmann & Veronelli Russo, Smart Surfaces, PPG Industries, Holliday Instruments, BINA Group, Larchfield LSN, Swan, Lamberti Rus, Kolor Market, 3M, Ahlers Rus, Spectr, Fagot, and Dow Chemical Company.

The 14th Competition for the Best Paint and Coatings Product was held at the trade show. The judges of the competition awarded winners with six gold and two silver medals. Grand-prix was given to Swan.

The International Competition for Young Scientists was first organized by Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, Publishing House LKM-Press, and Expocentre.

Participants in the competition were 20 young scientists and industry experts from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Koryazhma (Arhkangelsk Region), Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Volgograd, and Italy. Twelve competitors got through to the final. Fifty people attended the final round, among them professors, post graduates and students, specialists from local and foreign companies.

Winners in the 1st Competition for Young Scientists:

1st prize was given to Alexander Pavlov, D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia,

2nd prize was given to Vladimir Kurbatov, Yaroslavl State Technical University,

3rd prize was given to Yelena Bulygina, Kotlas Chemical Plant.

The winners were awarded diplomas and prizes. The finalists were also awarded certificates of Expocentre and diplomas of the Russian Chemists Union.