Post Show Report Interlakokraska 2017

06 / 03 / 2017

21st International Exhibition for Raw Materials, Equipment and Technologies for Production of Paints and Coatings

Dates: 28 February 3 March, 2017

Venue: Expocentre Fairgrounds

Organized by Expocentre AO

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russian Chemists Union, NIITEKHIM OAO, Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, and Centrlack Association

Auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Logos: UFI, RUEF

Exhibition area: 11,593 sq m

Exhibitors: 224 companies

Russian exhibitors: 118

Total attendance: 10,730

Countries: 29 (Belarus, Belgium, China, Colombia, Czechia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK, Ukraine, the USA, and Uzbekistan)

International pavilion: China

Types of products on display: paints and coatings for industrial applications, surface treatment equipment and materials, raw materials for all types of paints and coatings, equipment for production of paints and coatings and coating equipment, feeding and cleaning equipment, purifying and waste-processing equipment plus many others

Participating companies: Dow, Omya, Covestro, Chemours Chemicals Rus, Pulver Kimya, Allnex, Exel, Netzsch, Ferro, Meffert, Eisenmann, Manali Pigments, NGC, Wiwa, Otson, Sibur, Krata, Polyteg, Orgchimprom, Koelgamramor, Tecsa, Ecolon, Spektrum, Novyi Dom, Zavolzhskiy Pigment, Romanovskye Kraski, Rustox, Solar Trans, Uz-DongJu Paint Co., Velikolukskiy Mehanicheskiy Zavod, Himavto, Technoworld, Ration etc.

Show Highlights

  • Services, a new product sector, featuring software, engineering, automation, education and consulting, transportation and storage, and e-commerce.
  • 11th International Salon of Surface Treatment and Antirust Protection

The industry experts got familiar with the latest equipment and materials for surface pre-treatment and treatment; surface treatment technology; antirust protection.

  • 6th International Salon of Special Coatings

Key Associated Events ( , )

  • International Coatings Forum organized by Russian Coatings Journal and Expocentre AO, supported by the Centrlack Association
  • Joint meeting of Russian and Indian professional associations organized by Centrlack Association, Indian Industries Association, Expocentre AO
  • Presentations of the Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 2nd Competition of Projects of Young Scientists organized by the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, LKM-Press, Expocentre AO

Participant Feedback

Its the first time we have participated in the trade show. Were very interested in the Russian market. Russia is a rapidly developing country. Our company sees ways to work on the Moscow market. The key trend is openness of the Russian market to international cooperation. We liked the trade show very much. Here are a lot of existing and potential customers. Consequently, great opportunities are offered for first-time exhibitors as well. It should be noted that the organization of the show is very good.

Maggie Liu, Specialist at International Sales Department, Otson Technologies

Our company is located in the Czech Republic and weve produced coating equipment for 25 years. Now we decided to sell on the Russian market because we think its a large market with attractive prospects. Weve opened a representative office in Ulyanovsk and well launch production of coating equipment this October. We know Interlakokraska is the most important event for the Russian paint and coatings market. It should be noted that a lot of visitors attended the trade show that was organized very well.

Miroslav Ostrý, General Director of IDEAL-Trade Service

Its not the first time we have participated in this trade show and year after year we see a growing interest and an increasing number of participants. It was important for us to showcase our new products this year enabling our customers to make their recipes better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. The trade show is well organized. Besides meetings with new customers, weve had an opportunity to meet existing customers who came from different cities of Russia. Its very convenient to meet all associates under one roof because travelling across Russia takes much time and its not always possible to visit all of them. We plan to participate in Interlakokraska next year since its important for us to attend the industry key events such as this trade show.

Tuan Dinissen, Technical Specialist, Olin Epoxy

Uz-DongJu Paint Company is an Uzbek-Korean joint venture manufacturing paints and coatings of high quality. For us this trade show is the first international practice and wed like to find our niche on the international market of paints and coatings. It was important for us not only to attend this trade show as a visitor but also be its participant. We are very satisfied with our participation and plan to come back next year. 

Mumina Bakhtiyarova, Marketing Department Specialist, Uz-DongJu Paint Co.

Weve participated in Interlakokraska for more than 15 years. The key aim we pursue here is to find new customers, show capabilities of our company, new quality products, and study market changes. We make products for many industries. For us Interlakokraska is one of major international trade shows where we can network with a large number of industry professionals.

Marina Kholyavskaya, Lead Specialist at Marketing Department, Lakokraska (Lida)

Were one of regular participants in the Interlakokraska exhibition. We annually participate here for over ten years. We represent a powder coating company located in Turkey. This year weve expanded our product line and here we put on display our new products. As to our feelings, we feel here at home. Every year a lot of our regular customers come to the show even without invitation because they are sure we exhibit here. Its an excellent platform to network with old partners and dealers. New customers also come here.

Olga Bessonova, Key Account Manager, Pulver Kimya

Weve participated in the trade show at Expocentre for the second time. At first weve participated in Khimia. This year weve decided to participate in Interlakokraska as well because our production is directly connected with the exhibition product sectors. We make surface treatment equipment for application of protective coatings, paints and lacquers. Weve effectively worked at the trade show and showcased new products. We liked participating in the show and its organization. Many visitors attended our stand.

Elena Alexeeva, PR Manager, Velikolukskiy Mehanicheskiy Zavod  

We came to the decision to participate in the trade show as we consider it a landmark for the industry, a number one event for manufacturers of raw materials for paint and coatings industry. Its wonderful to have a platform where one can network with different customers and theres no necessity to go to different cities of Russia. Nowadays there is a fierce competition on the market of paint and coatings. Companies search for solutions to reduce production costs without compromising quality. Our company, for instance, offers chemically precipitated calcium carbonate that is a partial substitute for titanium dioxide which is successfully used in the companies across the world. Our impressions of the trade show are very good. Were glad to be here.

Tatyana Khoroshilova, General Director, Rustox

We traditionally consider Interlakokraska the leading event in the paint and coatings industry that brings together manufacturers of finished products, equipment, raw materials, and services. For us the trade show is a powerful marketing tool to promote our products. Our participation testifies that we are on the market, stay relevant and are ready to collaborate with our clients. Netzsch is a family-owned company based in the north-east of Bavaria at the end of the 19th century, which has subsidiaries all over the world. One of them is in Russia. The company traditionally specializes in production of mixing, grinding and dispersing equipment. New divisions have recently appeared, e.g., pumping units and laboratory equipment for metering of heat. The location of our stand at the trade show is very convenient. The traffic is busy. Weve met a lot of new partners and hope that next year well manage to participate in Interlakokraska.

Dmitry Eliseev, General Director of Netzsch Tula

The next 22nd edition of the Interlakokraska International Exhibition is to run from February 27 to March 2, 2018 at Expocentre Fairgrounds.


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