Post-Release: Interlakokraska2013 International Specialized Exhibition

18 / 03 / 2013

The 17th edition of Interlakokraska specialized exhibition for paints and coatings took place on 11-14 March in the Forum pavilion of Expocentre Fairgrounds and generated great interest among industry specialists. The exhibition is held annually by Expocentre ZAO under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Moscow City Government.

The 17th edition was run with the assistance from the Russian Chemists Union, the D.I. Mendeleyev Chemical Society of Russia and the Centrlack Association.

The exhibition has the Approved Event Logos of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF).

This year, the net show floor of 4 276 sq m accommodated 234 companies and enterprises from 22 countries. They put on display their latest products. Germany, China and the Czech Republic took part in the show with their national pavilions.

The foreign exhibitors included industry leaders such as Bayer, BASF, Du Pont, BYK, Eckart, Oliver y Batlle, Netzsch, Wilhelm Niemann, Fluid Management, Jotun, Eisenmann, Evonik, Omya, Merck and many others.

For the first time, the exhibitors and visitors to Interlakokraska2013 could get practical assistance as part of the new Expocentre for Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions project. Its key aim is to combat demonstration of counterfeit products and illegal copying of innovative exhibits. Seasoned lawyers ran consultations on existing best practices and ways of enforcement of IP rights.

Interlakokraska2013 showcased a whole range of paints and coatings, manufactured on the basis of various film formers including powder coatings, paints and coatings with special properties; wood treatment coatings, adhesives, raw materials for all types of paints and coatings, paints and coatings manufacturing equipment, coating and colour matching equipment, auxiliary chemical equipment, new technologies and scientific developments, packing materials etc.

The key focus of this show was on ensuring environmental safety, reducing emissions of volatile organic solvents, and creating new formulas that would reduce manufacturing costs without drop in quality of the end product.

This was the 7th time that the Surface Treatment. Anti-Rust Protection International Salon had been held as part of the Interlakokraska exhibition. It presented innovative technologies and the newest surface and rust treatment equipment and materials.

Over the four days, Interlakokraska2013 was visited by 7 910 people; 97% of them were industry specialists. The total visitor attendance made up 11 640.

A major event on the programme of business-related events was the International Paints and Coatings Forum, organized by the Russian Coatings Journal and Expocentre ZAO and attended by 120 delegates. A series of reports were dedicated to staff training challenges. The Forum also featured a number of specialist sessions on new types of raw materials.

It was the second time that the Interlakokraska exhibition had presented the Coatings with Special Properties Salon

In order to identify the best paints, coatings and raw materials sold in Russia, the Russian Chemists Union, the Centrlack Association and LKM-Press Publishing House held the 12th International Competition for the Best Paints and Coatings2013 Award. Gold Nika prizes were awarded to 13 products and 6 products got silver prizes.

The winners were companies and organizations that showcased world-class achievements in the paints and coatings sector, including Spektr NPP, NPTs Antikorroziynoi Zashchity, Pigment OAO, SMC Spektr LK, SWAN OOO, the Gatchina Plant of Powder Paints, the Yaroslavl Plant of Powder Paints, Souzpromplast, Algol Chemicals ZAO, Norteks OOO, and AGS Group OOO.

Another key event of Interlakokraska2013 was the international competition for the Best Consumer Properties Award and the Successful Promotion of High Quality Products Award, organized by ANO Soyuzeksperiza, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Expocentre ZAO.

The first and the second prizes in the Best Consumer Properties Nomination went to the Promradar Company, Azimut NPTs NT, the Yaroslavl Paints and Coatings Company, Conferum OOO, Kraftrey Firm OOO and Pigment OAO.